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Week 12 is DONE! The whole challenge is DONE!! Great job everyone! Now that it's over, lets see how you did and what you learned... 

Really Serious30
David Atkinson15
Lisa Jones31
Jenny Robinson35
Vicky Manning19
Maryjane Wilson38
Rich Wilson39
Mary Anne Koski41
Miranda Smith
Nancy Norton20
Melanie Easthope

SUPER JOB!! I am so impressed that on the LAST week, right before Christmas, we had Mary Anne & Karin in the 40's!! Great job ladies! And right behind... almost there... we have Fawn and Rich... and then comes Maryjane just one point behind them! Awesome job everyone! So so so great! 

I DECIDED TO TOTAL UP EVERYONE'S POINTS!! So... if you turned in 5 surveys or more your TOTAL points should be here!! The ones with * by them are those who NEVER MISSED A SURVEY!! 12 weeks of reporting! Thanks so much an CONGRATULATIONS on excellent follow through! (if you noticed you are missing points, I messed up the survey on week 5 so those aren't here for anyone... sorry!  and sometimes Google Forms just doesn't get me all the replies and there is nothing I can do about that!!) 



Christie *




Lisa *






Karin *




Mary Anne  *


Rich *


Maryjane *


Really Serious *
















Sarah *


AND THE WINNER IS... RICH WILSON (my bro-in-law) with 420 points!!! Congrats Rich on an excellent 12 weeks! 
... followed by my mom, Mary Anne, just two points behind at 418!! Maryjane, my sister, gets the bronze medal with 399! I am truly impressed with "Really Serious" (my aunt) with 372! Woot woot! I am sensing a family theme here... Haha!! So many points earned by Lisa, Karin, Dannette, Fawn, Camille, Christie, Hillarie, Jennie, WenD all in the 200's! You are rock stars! Great job Vicky, Krystal, Rhonda, Val, Darci, and David too! So proud!

Thanks so much to Carrie, Marsha, Carolyn who consistently chimed into the survey and contributed even though they didn't keep track of points! THANK YOU! Job well done! 

And GREAT JOB Mellissa, Melanie E and Mel H., Nancy, Shon, Lynn, Trish, Liz, Jamie, Caralee, Miranda, Alma, Hannah, Stephanie, Allison, Bill (and the rest!) I appreciate and love you so much! Thanks for striving and struggling and cheering us all on! Thank you and great job too! We needed you! I hope you got what you needed out of this survey! If I am missing your name I am SO SORRY!! Email me and let me know!! Love you too!

Forms response chart. Question title: How well did you do at the Pray to be An ANGEL challenge?. Number of responses: 23 responses.
Forms response chart. Question title: How did Pray to be an Angel make you FEEL last week?. Number of responses: 22 responses.
What ONE THING did you learn about being an ANGEL last week?

It feels good to use my deep emotions to help
That it works!
Well, this is what I do most of the time lol I like being there for others. I have learned through the years to be ok with just doing simple things. I don’t always have to do something huge all the time.
It’s important to stay focused on others daily
I have to have my heart in right place and be willing to take action on my inspiration.
I need to remember that we are just instruments in God’s hands.
It puts me in a super good mood! I feel like singing and hugging everyone! I see myself and everyone else differently.
There are always people in need of an angel
It was more scary than I expected but so fun to do nice things for others and notice nice things done for me!
I LOVE to do this- so much fun!! God is willing to use me if I’m willing!
My heart is willing but my flesh is weak!
you never know how your prayers might be answered but there are chances to be an angel everywhere
I know that Heavenly father will do his best to help when we need him.
I can remember to pray for things if I really want to.
I felt more peace about the daily tasks I have to do.
Honestly this is something that I have done for as long as I can remember
I love this euphoric feeling when I am helping someone, and they don't really know I was part of it. It feels sneaky in the best of ways:).

 Last Saturday was my daughter's baptism. She was so excited! Unfortunately my husband woke up very sick. He was devastated he couldn't do it but my daughter wanted to be baptized and not wait. We had my parents in town for this so I didn't want to wait either and we asked grandpa to baptize her. At the church we realize grandpa left his credentials/recommend at home. My daughter was supposed to be baptized first but was bumped to last as we tried to contact my dad's bishop. No luck. No other family members were ready either. I sat in the last row sobbing this special day was falling apart. Our bishopric member was so kind and trying everything he could. So we asked my daughter again- would you want to wait till next month or have this bishopric leader baptize you? She was sure- she didn't want to wait, she wanted the Holy Ghost. She was baptized by this sweet man and was so happy and beaming. The story could've ended there with this sweet angel...we went into the chapel to grab our things and we're the last ones there (because her baptism was last.) A group of men walked in...who should it be but Elder Going, an apostle of God. I sat down to tell my daughter who it was- there is an apostle! Elder Gong walked over and sits down by us and talks with Sara (my daughter) about her baptism and what a good choice she made to follow Jesus. He gave her a fist bump before he left! We then talked with the Area 70 member who said Sara looked like an angel. My heart was so full. Our dear friend who baptized Sara commented that he felt a strong special love from our Heavenly Father to Sara . She was shown that love and that God is aware of her that day. I felt I was blessed too- my Heavenly Father knows my struggles and cares for me. I have been blessed by the faith and example of this 8 year old little angel of mine . You can see pictures of this encounter on church news, desert news about the rededication of the Mesa Temple.- 

My story started shortly before this week but continued into it. Recently we had a hit and run accident in our neighborhood. It was very scary as I have never seen so many police, so many crime scene markers. An innocent man was killed on his ritual morning walk. I didn't know this person personally but I have seen him many times when I walked my dogs. ALWAYS HAD A SMILE AND SAID HELLO AND WAVED TO EVERYONE. Long story short, there were no leads and absolutely no media coverage. It was infuriating. The gentleman who was killed was a retired police officer who spent 27 years serving others. Innocent children saw his body as this tragedy occurred right around the corner of an elementary school and at drop off time. Myself along with a few others contacted multiple media outlets. I had a reporter reach out to me later wanting more information. The family reluctantly agreed to be interviewed by this reporter to get their story out. A few days later an arrest was made. The situation was a horrible tragedy but I couldn't understand why I was so attached to it. I had prayed about it, asked God to help me understand and then poof...an answer. The most important person in my life besides my son, my father, passed away on a sidewalk on his morning ritual walk. Although the situation was very different, it was also similar in that this gentleman passed away on a sidewalk on his morning walk. Nothing can take away this families pain, but I feel like I helped this family with getting the media coverage needed. Once the story broke, all local media was covering it. After my dad died, I remember feeling so helpless and I feel like God placed it in my heart and soul to do whatever I could to help them get closure. I never had closure and maybe my experience prepared me to help them thru theirs.
I just prayed for an opportunity to serve and my brother in law later needed a ride. I somehow didn’t have classes so I got to help him out!
I helped clean up after a primary party even though I did not have to. It made me feel like I contributed something and it made our leaders grateful for the help.
On the very first day of this challenge, my daughter Lucy and I met a lady who needed our help! She was waiting with a friend outside of the Bishop’s Storehouse (a place sponsored by my church where people can go for free or discounted food and other help). It was closed and there were no hours posted on the door. She told us of her difficult situation and we helped her figure out when it would open up. She gave us her phone number and I was able to pass on other resources that would be helpful to her. A month or so ago I had stashed some money in the coin pocket of my minivan where I usually keep coins for lemonade stands. It was more than I would need for lemonade, but I knew at the time it would serve a good purpose (if my kids didn’t find it first). So I gave that to her and our first angelic visit was great!!
I wish I knew every way that I helped people during the week that I didn't even know about!
A friend I met 8 years ago moved to a different part of town and didn't keep in contact very well. I occasionally reached out to her her every few months months. A week and a half ago I was able to give her a simple Christmas gift. Two days later she reached out to me needing a LOT of help. I have been so happy to know that she knows I am still her friend and am pleased to see her getting help that she needs.
I prayed to be an angel but was kind of scared- would I be able to help anyone? Would I have time to help anyone? Would I NOTICE someone who needs my help? While walking with my kids from delivering Christmas goodies I saw my elderly neighbor sweeping her driveway. She has been a widow for a year now and gets around slowly. We went over to say hi and almost had to convince her to let us help! 😅 My kids were so excited to sweep so she got another broom. We finished quickly and the kids played on the porch swing while I chatted with her and listened to her stories of her "angel" husband. What a fun experience!!!
Prayed and ran into 2 friends at 2 different stores both of whom I hadn’t seen in a while. We had great conversations! Who knows if it was an answer to prayer - time will tell!
Feeling emotionally exhausted, I decided to skip my school holiday party, but felt STRONGLY that I should be there. Ugh! I went anyway and while chatting with another teacher, I learned that she has a student who is a foster kid from Haiti. She is struggling with the culture, separated from her family and struggles with the language. Her native language is French. I just happen to have a French foreign exchange student! I got the student's information through the school and was able to set a time for them to meet and now we have a new friend and more plans in the coming semester together. I got a chance to be an angel even if it took a little prodding from the Lord to get me there!
I had prayed I could be an angel daily and had some very cool experiences. One involved a friend reaching out to me while she was feeling down and discouraged. I was grateful she felt comfortable reaching out to me and that I could be there when she needed someone.
There is someone I know that need someone to talk to and I was there for her and we prayed together .
I helped a woman find an address. She was totally lost and aside from me or from Heavenly inspiration, she would have never found her destination.
We were asked to play in the Christmas program and I had planned a trip out of town with all of my kids because we won’t be together for Christmas. At one point I just decided that we needed to do it and I arranged the practices and made myself do it. I have a really hard time playing now that I’m old. Too much anxiety. But I put in the hours and we did it. It was lovely. We missed two days of the planned trip and we left for the cabin immediately after the meeting. On the drive I got this text from a ward member: Your girls and their beautiful music today had me in absolute tears. It was just so beautiful! My mom and sister are violinists and that beautiful music just touches the soul. Tell your girls thank you for sharing their gifts/talent with us. It was the highlight of the season so far for me. I felt really pushed to do it but not by my own will. So I think it was the result of the prayers. I was able to play my part which in itself is a miracle.
I have a coworker that is really struggling financially and emotionally because her husband is in the hospital again this year at the same time as last year. Her family is crazy busy with school and after school athletics and programs. I could tell she was not thinking she could handle one more task, responsibility, or bill that came her way. With the help of others, we donated time, food, and money to help her feel like she had a true support system. She was so appreciative, she paid it forward when she saw a person in need by buying them simple meal and just listening to their story. It warmed my heart that even though she didn't feel strong enough to handle her own challenges, she was able to change someone else's life which totally bounced back to helping herself feel worthy.
Complimented an elderly woman on her pretty nails and she went into a nice 10 chit chat on her nails and where she had them done and a few different subjects. It was sweet to talk with her and see her perk up and be happy to talk.

Your experiences blow my mind and warm my heart!! What a week of loving and serving and so many sweet feelings of love. Great job, team!!

What is your biggest take-away from the WHOLE 12-week Challenge?
I don't make myself a priority. Some weeks I did better but overall, I still put everything and everyone in front of me.
That I can do hard things! I just need incentive haha
The importance of taking care of myself physically because it affects my spiritual and emotional well being.
I need to do my laundry!
I just love how the 12 Week challenge reminds me that I am in charge. It helps me remember that I do have enough time and enough brain power to take charge of my own life. Even when I’m busy, it helps me focus on the things I feel are most important.
Discovered that I do better when I allow myself a little sugar or treat during the week. I don't like feeling deprived and then overdoing it on my cheat day. I didn't lose weight when I was staying away from sugar and I didn't gain weight when I was allowing a little each day. I also discovered that I don't have the desire to be a world class athlete. I always think I am going to be motivated to get back into seriously good shape, like I was in my thirties, but even with the motivation of this challenge, I've discovered I'm too content with my body and my life to workout like I used to, and to eat super clean. But I am HAPPIER!!
It is easier to make improvements in my life when I know others are trying each day to do the same things!
I can improve little by little. I have seen the effects and can keep going! I may not always be able to do it each day but that's ok, it's still progress.
I love this challenge because it continually pushed me out of my comfort zone!
Challenge with accountability can be fun
Living intentionally feels so much more powerful than just floating, or drowning through life's experiences.
Focusing on small changes has a great impact on the whole soul
That I can do better with my life and family
I think I have simplified my life and am focusing on more important things than I was.
This challenge really helped me take charge of my life. I have a difficult situation in which I have to work to support my family but also my job is very labor intensive and takes a lot mental and physical effort every day. It also has taken over every inch of my home which is also stressful and frustrating at times. I had a giant project looming with my sister we had started in the Spring. Nothing really had been accomplished with the deadline looming when I started the challenge. I decided to make the project my personal goal which required me to draw every day. For the first several weeks I got 0 points for my personal challenge. But I kept it believing that eventually my life would get better to allow me to do it. And eventually it did. I met the deadline and printed a 50 page book about my mom and her sisters for Christmas. They all cried with joy when we gave it to them. So challenge success for me! I also lost 15 pounds and a few inches and created some new habits I hope to keep. It’s been a great few months.
It takes an invitation to get out of my comfort zone to get things moving. I never thought that I could go so long without sugar, but I did it. I also never thought I could run 5 miles and one day and survived, but I did that too! I needed the external motivation to drive my internal motivation!
That I need motivation in a friendly way to stay on track
All the little changes bring so many positive ripples in my life. I am able to see the greater picture just by baby-stepping my way through all these challenges. My lower weekly points do not accurately reflect all the great feelings that have motivated me to continue long after this challenge is done.
I absolutely love this challenge, but I didn't complete many of the weeks challenges. Right now I'm feeling so overwhelmed and just trying to stay afloat. I know the challenges would have helped me, but with my current family/marriage situation, it was more than I could take on. I'm hoping that I can independently do them on my own. It would be a good New Year resolution.
I need to spend more time on me. I give so much of myself away that I rely too much on that to give myself value. I need to work on believing in myself without outside validation.

I am loving your insights and experiences and I am so touched! JOY JOY JOY!!!